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Salt Lake City's Best Philly Cheese Steaks

Welcome to the Taste of Salt Lake TM, our official online edition.

The Salt Lake-area Dining Scene has Witnessed Awesome Growth over the Past Decade, both in Quality and Diversity from Award-Winning Chefs and the Restaurants they create.

From Craft Brewers and Canyon Dining, Steakhouses to Seafood, Italian to Mexican, Cozy Cafes and Bistros to Fine Dining and just some great places to experience exceptional food and drinks, Salt Lake has it, Enjoy!

This page provides our latest list of the Top Philly Cheese Steaks in Salt Lake City. The lists are unranked and presented by either cuisine or neighborhood.

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Salt Lake City's Best Philly Cheese Steaks

The Best Philly Cheesesteaks in Salt Lake City, Who Makes Them? That's a subject for open discussion and a matter of opinion. Everyones got their favorite for one reason or another, and I have been told no less than twenty times "you gotta try this one, you gotta try that one". Well, The Philly has arrived in Salt Lake City!

Being originally from New York, we didn't get down to Philidelphia all that often. We didn't have to. Da Bums (Phillies) visited us 6 to 9 times a year at Shea Stadium. Over the years tons of eateries throughout New York tried to imitate Philly's expertise in creating a special cheesesteak hero sandwich. It wasn't until a buddy of mine, Al from Fids (an Ex-Philidelphian) who told me to try either Pat's or Geno's cheesesteaks when I visit Phili for a Mets game during the summers of 2008, 2013 and again in 2015. I must say, I never had a cheesesteak hero in New York that compared with Geno's in Philidelphia! They created a masterpiece right in front of me.

The creation of a Great Philly Cheesesteak starts with sliced rib-eye steak or top round, grilled right there when you order it. Add either Cheez Whiz, Provolone or American cheese, grilled onions, maybe peppers and mushrooms, mix it all together and pile it high on a fresh bakery roll made especially for this. Now, you think I'm still talking about Geno's in Philly? No, I'm talking about DP Cheesesteaks in South Jordan! DP stands for Downtown Philly. They are open and in my opinion, they are serving up the best Philly Cheesesteaks I have had since Genos. From what I can remember, they are better than Geno's! The steak was fresh, and the quantity extremely generous. I still can't believe how much beef was on that roll. I prefer the 9 inch Cheesesteak with either the Cheez Whiz or Provolone and onions. They also carry Tastykake's direct from Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer which has a rich and creamy taste with a hint of wintergreen that customers have enjoyed for over 70 years, and best of all it's caffeine free.

Utah's Best Philly Cheesesteaks
Best Philly Cheesesteaks in Utah, "DP", Downtown Philly Cheesesteaks
Two Salt Lake locations: Downtown at 83 East 300 South and the second at 1665 West Towne Center Drive in South Jordan, (appx. 10600 South in the Harmons Shopping Center.) 3 Utah County Locations. Closed Sundays.
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